Funds raised so far

To date we have raised the amazing sum of £1,676,451, leaving us just £223,549 short of our target of £1,900,000 for the project.

Members of the Church family have already started making donations on behalf of loved ones, and groups associated with the Church and the Town are also raising funds towards particular elements of the project and a gift from you can make a significant impact on the success of this development. All donations are being recorded in a special book that will be on display in our re-ordered church.

To date we have received donations for:
*2 Chancel Chandeliers;
*5 Pendant Lights;
*110 organ pipes;
*33 sq metres of paving slabs;
*£825 has been donated for the new toilets;
*£625 has been donated for the West Porch Lobby;
*£74 has been donated in the Crazy Pipes in the Samworth Centre;
*£14,391 has been given as non specific donations and this includes Gift Aid we are able to claim.


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