How much do things cost?

This gives you an idea of how much things cost:

INTERNAL PAVING – the natural paving stones are of varying size so difficult to price individually. However, if you include the work to raise the floor and install under-floor heating, you can sponsor a 1m2 area of floor for £100.

ORGAN – there will be over 2461 pipes in the refurbished organ; you can sponsor a single pipe for £20.

PENDANT LAMPS – there will be 25 new fittings in the Nave, Transepts and Tower crossing; you can sponsor each lamp for £1,500.

FLEMISH PENDANT LAMPS – there will be 8 new fittings in the Chancel; you can sponsor each lamp for £3,000.

PORCH LOBBY – the draft lobby in the West Porch includes 19m2 of plain sheet glass; you can sponsor a 1m2 of glazing for £740.

SERVERY – the servery surround, fitments and storage facility will cost around £55,000. If you are interested in supporting part of this as a group fundraising challenge, please contact us as shown below.

TOILETS – the 2 new toilets in the church will cost £45,000 and will feature in a separate social fundraising event in September; however the team will welcome proposals from anyone wanting to sponsor all or part of them.

If you are able to Gift Aid your donation, this can add a further 25% to your gift, or if you want to spread your gift over a 12 month period then please contact us.
For example:
3m2 of INTERNAL PAVING: 12 monthly payments of £20/month (+ Gift Aid) = £300
5m2 of INTERNAL PAVING:1-off payment of £400 (+ Gift Aid) = £500
9 pipes in the ORGAN: 12 monthly payments of £12/month (+ Gift Aid) = £180
10 pipes in the ORGAN: 1-off payment of £180 (+ Gift Aid) = £200
1 x PENDANT LAMP: 12 monthly payments of £100/month (+ Gift Aid) =£1,500
1 x FLEMISH PENDANT LAMP: 1-off payment of £2,400 (+ Gift Aid) = £3,000

Download leaflets here explaining how you can sponsor an organ pipe, paving slab or pendant light in St Mary’s Church  or please pick up a leaflet from the Samworth Centre, fill in the details and return it to the Parish Office.

Sponsor an organ pipe                                    Sponsor a flooring slab                                          Sponsor a light

If you have another idea to support the project financially, please contact Dina Neale on 01664 565798 or Mike McClure on 01664 482385.


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